2008 Fifth CW and High Average Power RF Workshop

The Fifth CW and High Average Power RF Workshop will be held at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, March 25 - 28, 2008. The goal of this workshop is to share experiences among designers and users of CW and high average power RF systems that utilize high-power klystrons, gridded tubes, combined solid-state architectures, high-voltage power supplies, high-voltage modulators, power couplers and tuners. New ideas for high-power RF system upgrades and novel ways of RF power generation and distribution will also be discussed.

The workshop sessions will take place from March 25 till March 28 with visits of the CERN facilities and Thales tube factory in Thonon, France.

The workshop sessions will be simultaneously transmitted by a video link to the Argonne Nation Laboratory in the US.

The workshop is held in the building 40, conference room S2-C01. The registration desk in foyer of building 40 will open on Tuesday morning at 8:30.